Hardcore Raid Mode Mechanics

Realism in Fairy-tale setting


  • The accuracy of shooting depends on the endurance scale. If the player is exhausted after a long sprint - the hands will shake.

  • In close combat, endurance plays a key role. A tired player can block fewer blows and strike with reduced speed and even drop the weapon if the blow fell into the block.

  • A hungry character receives a penalty to endurance, strike force and ability to heal wounds, and can also fall into a hungry faint.

  • With dehydration, visual and sound hallucinations occur. Penalties are also imposed on combat characteristics.


  • When injured, a character may have bleeding of various types that can lead to death.

  • There is also the possibility of breaking the bones of limbs, which leads to their being put out of action. For example, if a character breaks his leg, he cannot run, if his arm, he cannot shoot.

  • The methods of treatment are different for each type of injury.

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