The first mode.

Arena mode is the first multiplayer mode to be introduced in the game. Teams of 2 or 4 players appear in opposite points of the map. Depending on the map, there will be different victory objectives:

  • Capture and hold one point

  • Capture the enemy base (2 points)

  • Capture and hold multiple points (three points)

When a character is in the necessary zone, the point is captured. As soon as the point is captured, the opponent team starts to lose victory points. As soon as the points reach 0, the team will be considered defeated.

The team is considered defeated if:

  • Victory points are exhausted

  • At the end of the match, the team has fewer points than the opponents

  • All players of the team are destroyed

In the arena, players utilize skins instead of game items to customize their characters, as skins do not impact the character's abilities or attributes.

Additionally, basic graffiti mechanics are functional within the arena.

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