Utilities for NFT characters

NFTs in KOKODI: A Player's Guide to Exclusive Perks and Advantages.

NFT characters in KOKODI contribute to a complete immersion in the captivating world of the game. In this article, we will explore all the planned utilities designed for NFT holders.

1. Premium Ranked League Access

While F2P gamers are only able to participate in the premium ranked league for a fee, NFT holders get unfettered entry unlocking exclusive benefits and opportunities. Rented NFT characters also grant access to the Premium Ranked League and its rewards.

2. Participation in Paid Matches

Engage in high-stakes matches where the entry fees contribute to a substantial prize pool, with the winning team claiming the jackpot. Intense gameplay, increased rewards, and a competitive edge in the gaming community.

3. Premium Rewards in Premium Ranked League

Exclusive to NFT holders, premium rewards await those who participate in the premium ranked league, adding an extra layer of prestige and recognition for their achievements.

4. Unique Arena Skins

Stand out in the crowd with unique arena skins available only to NFT holders. Aesthetic customization options, showcasing your unique style in the gaming arena. We will offer a wide variety of skins both in lootboxes and through direct in-game purchase. There will also be a unique set of skins for OG holders!

5. Generation of In-Game Assets

A weekly set of unique in-game assets *upon entering the game*. Players cannot immediately sell these items, but they can lose them in raids. Lost items can be found by other players as loot in other raids.

6. Weekly Unique Loot Boxes

NFT players receive exclusive weekly loot boxes, increasing their chances of getting rare and valuable items. These boxes are a special reward for NFT players' consistent engagement. Rented characters also get these loot boxes, increasing the value of NFT characters.

7. Character Rentals

With the ability to rent characters, NFT owners find their characters in high demand. The combination of free participation in premium ranking leagues and premium rewards makes their characters sought after assets.

8. Establishment of a Trading Shop

NFT players have exclusive rights to create trading shops, enabling more advantageous in-game item trading. F2P players can come to your store to buy in-game items, a good way to not worry about your in-game balance.

9. Premium Shelter with Expanded Storage

NFT players gain access to a Premium Shelter featuring expanded storage space for items. This shelter, represented as an NFT, can be upgraded, providing a secure and customizable space for their valuable possessions.

10. Unique Pets

Discover the joy of acquiring and nurturing unique pets, a privilege reserved for NFT players. These companions add a delightful and personalized element to their in-game journey. For f2p players will be available only those creatures that they can tame in raids.

11. Bigger Rewards for Playing

NFT characters receive enhanced rewards for their regular gameplay activities, ensuring a more substantial and rewarding experience during airdrop events.

12. Early Access to New Races

As new races are introduced with each season, NFT players enjoy the exclusive opportunity to play as Forest, Night, and Alien races in the early stages. Exclusive gameplay opportunities and the chance to explore new races before others.

13. First Access to the Game and New Modes

NFT players take the lead by being the first to access the game and explore all-new gaming modes. Stay at the forefront of the evolving KOKODI universe.

14. Tribe Creation

Only NFT characters can initiate the creation of tribes (guilds), fostering a sense of community and cooperation within the gaming world. Players in tribes have tribe tags in their nicknames as well as unique arena skins, graffiti and tribal rankings with prizes!

15. Accelerated Experience Gain

NFT characters level up faster in different skill branches, making them more valuable for renting. Rent out your character when you're not playing to speed up its development!

*In the game there is an option to reset all skills and choose new abilities.

16. Larger Secure Container

Enjoy a larger Secure Container as an NFT player, providing more safety storage capacity for loot acquired during Raids.

Even if your character dies in a raid - all items inside the Secure Container will return to your shelter.

17. Purchase and Use of Unique Graffiti

NFT characters have the ability to purchase and utilize unique graffiti, leaving their mark on the gaming world.

Graffiti in the game gives important clan points, players will paint and repaint the graffiti of a enemy clan (KOKO or DI)

18. Unique Identifiers

NFT characters possess distinctive traits that set them apart in the gaming community.

Whether it's special nicknames in killfeed or unique identifiers in chat, these traits contribute to their individuality.

19. Battle Pass Discounts

NFT holders enjoy exclusive discounts on battle passes, making in-game purchases even more rewarding. Enhance your gaming experience with premium content at a special price. In conclusion, being an NFT player in KOKODI goes beyond the standard gaming experience. It opens the door to a realm of exclusive benefits and unique opportunities while not affecting game balance or creating pay to win mechanics. Note: These utilities are subject to change and may be updated or expanded upon the development of new features and projects within the KOKODI ecosystem.

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