Details of the Game

KOKODI is designed in a Fairy-tale Fantasy style. The developers were inspired by games such as The Legend of Zelda and Genshin Impact. The setting is an imaginary magical world where only children aged 6-8 (players) and various creatures live. The central narrative unfolds in a fictional fantasy world where, under mysterious circumstances, all adults have vanished. This disappearance has led to the children dividing into two opposing clans. In this new reality, they are compelled to wear masks which, when used in specific ways, bestow upon the wearer extraordinary superpowers.

The game allows you to play without any knowledge of the blockchain - when creating an account for the player, a crypto wallet will be automatically created. In the future, if desired, the player can transfer the account to his own wallet.

All game characters are NFT tokens. The game has an NFT collection of generative characters, which are divided into 2 clans - KOKO and DI. Players who come to the game without NFTs receive a character in the free NFT collection. The creation of a free character in the blockchain takes place automatically, without the participation of the user. The game has implemented the W2E (win to earn) mechanics, which is additional and not the main focus. The focus is set of making the game fun for all players, thus attracting new players.

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