Token $KOKO

Token Utility

Where can you spend tokens

  • Trading on the market

  • Premium account

  • Lootboxes

  • Buying in-game currency

  • Acceleration of productions

  • Enhanced Insurance

  • Merchant Licence

  • Subscription to use the shop

  • Medical package

  • Ammunition package

  • Resource Pack

  • Tribe Creation

  • Payable graffiti

  • Payable skins

  • Buying a season pass

  • Deposit to the game bank (staking)

  • Upgradable warehouses

  • Fireproof loot cases

  • Zeroing the NFT statistics

How to get tokens?

  • Buy a pack of tokens

  • Buy tokens on the exchange

  • Earn on commissions by renting a shop

  • Rent a shelter for tokens

  • Rent ETH Kokodi characters or Masks for tokens

  • Get tokens for victories in Tribes and Clan wars

  • Win tokens in lootboxes

  • Win pvp modes and earn tokens

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