Official KOKODI World Whitepaper


KOKODI is a Cross-chain, multi-platform MMO game that you can enjoy even with ZERO crypto knowledge. Our game is a third-person extraction shooter set in a fantasy environment. It features two distinct gameplay modes.

  • The primary mode, "Raids," draws inspiration from "Escape from Tarkov" and "Hunt: Showdown," offering a blend of intense and strategic gameplay.

  • The "Arena" mode incorporates a fusion of the best mechanics and game modes from titles like "Valorant", "Overwatch", and "Apex Legends".

The game's setting is heavily inspired by Japanese culture, particularly anime, contributing to a distinctive and immersive visual and thematic richness that enhances the overall gaming experience.

The game offers players complete freedom to control all aspects of the gameplay, fully embodying the P2O (Play to own) concept.

The game's economy protocol, developed for the game, includes W2E (win to earn) and algorithmically regulates the entire game economy, using deFi ideas and developments.

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