Healing in the world of Kokodi

The mechanics of healing includes a developed system of damage and health as part of the battle simulator. Each damage received in the game, in addition to reducing the amount of health points, will lead to the acquisition of additional negative effects.


There are two types of bleeding: weak and strong. Weak bleeding is stopped with a bandage, strong with a tourniquet. Bleeding leads to a gradual loss of health points, as well as to a decrease in resilience and weakening of other characteristics.


A fracture leads to the breakdown of the limb. Thus, a character with a broken arm cannot shoot, and with a broken leg cannot run. The fracture is treated by applying a splint.


Concussion occurs after damage to the head, helmet or explosion nearby, accompanied by visual and sound changes on the player's screen. It is treated with special solutions or passes itself.


Pain sensations occur after receiving damage, accompanied by visual changes on the screen, as well as forcing the character to make sounds that will give away his location. Pain either passes itself or is removed with anesthetics, for example - mushrooms.

Health Points

Health points in the Kokodi world are restored only by magical water, which players can draw from separate sources on the maps in different game modes. This water cannot be produced, it can only be collected from sources in specially created containers - bottles/flasks of different capacity.

Mental Health

The Mental Health meter determines how susceptible a character is to stress. A decline in this meter results in debuffs to the character's attributes and visual representation. If the Mental Health meter drops too low, players may lose control over their character.

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