Tribes in the world of KOKODI

There are 5555 characters in the form of an NFT collection divided into 4 races in different proportions:

  • Human (2888)

  • Forest (1514)

  • Night (959)

  • Alien (194)

All characters from the NFT collection look exactly the same as the 3D game model in the world of Kokodi. Each race gives the character its own characteristics and unique features. WILD can only be human and forest.

Characteristics and features

These skills affect the speed of gaining experience in various branches on the character's skill tree.


  • STR (Strength) - 3

  • STA (Stamina) - 3

  • AGI (Agility) - 3

  • INT (Intelligence) - 3

The Human race is the most common character represented in the KOKO and DI clans. Representatives of this race do not stand out for their intellectual or physical abilities, but they have mastered the skill of communication and trade perfectly, so only they can create Trade Shops and offer goods for sale.


  • STR (Strength) - 1

  • STA (Stamina) - 2

  • AGI (Agility) - 5

  • INT (Intelligence) - 4

Representatives of the Forest race are the most agile and swift characters in the world of Kokodi. In addition to their speed, they can control animals and plants.


  • STR (Strength) - 4

  • STA (Stamina) - 5

  • AGI (Agility) - 2

  • INT (Intelligence) - 1

The Night race are the strongest characters in the world of Kokodi, they can climb walls and ceilings like spiders, however they have a weak spot - sunlight. Night race take damage when the sun's rays touch their skin.


  • STR (Strength) - 1

  • STA (Stamina) - 2

  • AGI (Agility) - 4

  • INT (Intelligence) - 5

Alien race are the least populated characters in the world of Kokodi, and they are also the smartest. Representatives of this race have access to technologies that other races cannot imagine, but they have a weak spot - they are afraid of water.

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