Game contract and backend server, regulating commissions in the game and issuing currency on demand of the game.

The game bank is a set of tools for regulating the game economy. Tokens are regulated by a contract on the L2 EVM network. All in-game token trading and player rewards are processed through them. In game currency are regulated by the game server.

The goal of the bank is to regulate the outflow and inflow of tokens into the contract so that the bank always has the necessary percentage to ensure the viability of the game economy (set as a percentage of the total token supply).

Bank capabilities:

  • Ability to make a deposit to the bank

  • Ability to give a loan in fantics as collateral for NFTs or loot of a certain rarity

  • Issuance of licenses for token trading and increasing player trading volumes

Balance recovery methods (all adjusted automatically by algorithms):

  • Increase commissions when players sell tokens

  • Increase the cost of all premium features (licenses, premium accounts, season passes, skins, etc.)

  • Decrease tokens in rewards (for matches and guilds)

  • Decrease the chance of tokens in lootboxes

  • Periodic automatic purchase of tokens from the USDT balance, which is replenished when players buy tokens for fiat

The algorithm also provides countermeasures against attempts by whales to manipulate the price of tokens on exchanges, purchases of tokens are not made during such periods.

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