In the world of Kokodi raids are a major part of the game. Two raid modes are available: for KOKO, DI or for WILD. In the raid, players collect a large part of loot and useful items that can be useful in the arena or other game modes of the KOKO world.

Before landing on the location, a group search is available, or players can land on the map already with a pre-assembled team or can go to the raid alone.

After landing, a timer is launched, during which you need to leave the location in specially designated places and in some cases, fulfilling specially designated conditions. If the player does not leave the map after this time, he is considered missing and all his items and experience gained during the raid are lost forever.

In addition to the landed KOKO and DI players, WILDs appear on the map after some time. On raid maps, in addition to confrontation with each other, players can perform quests within the framework of a certain event or season story.

During the raid, common multiplayer mechanics work for all modes:

  • resource collection

  • replenishment of the flag with magical water in special points

  • graffiti

  • loss of all loot upon death of the character

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