Premium In-game Currency - Token on Polygon
Here is information about the general supply and distribution (will be supplemented by Ocelot and marketers together).

Where can you spend candies

  • Trading on the market
  • Premium account
  • Lootbox
  • Purchase of Wrappers
  • Skill leveling (with a cap)
  • One-time acceleration of production
  • One-time improved insurance
  • Trader license
  • Subscription to use the store
  • Medical pack
  • Ammunition pack
  • Resource pack
  • Creating a guild
  • Contributions to the guild
  • Purchase of graffiti in the market
  • Skins in the marketplace
  • Betting in the lottery.
  • Purchase of season pass.
  • Deposit in a bank
  • Upgrading personal and guild hideouts
  • Purchasing indestructible cases
  • Resetting clan ticket statistics

How to get candies?

  • Buy a pack of candies (the number of coins in packs dynamically changes depending on the price on the exchange + 40%) for fiat
  • Buy candies on the exchange
  • Earn on commissions by renting a shop
  • Rent a shelter for candies
  • Rent ETH Kokodi characters or Masks for candies
  • Get candies for victories in guilds and clan warriors
  • Win candies in lootboxes
  • Win pvp modes and earn candys